Wireless Transmission and Microwave Transmission in Networking

Transmission means to convey a large amount of information over a distance through which it involves some transmission medium and the physical layer. Physical layer play a very important role to transmit information and it is a very interactive communication medium. There is different way to transmit the signal, as signals helps to transmit information through electrical signal which uses as a transmission medium.

Wireless Transmission

Wireless transmission is known as an unguided or unbounded system because it doesn't bind the signal in physical conductor it use electromagnetic wave for transmission, through which energy also maintain in the air.Hence It has allowed to transmit energy and it is very affordable in wireless transmission.The transmission medium includes many categories like radio, satellite, microwave etc.. There are many different forms to convert the data into the communication mode through wireless transmission using signals.We can travel long distance or short distance using wireless transmission.

Wireless transmission work on a real time transmission one of the examples of wireless transmission is Radio. Its links easily move and hazy. Non-real time use of this technology.


As we all know that radio work on a signal, but how we don't know so Radio work a signal using radio wave, means energy travels through the air.The radio waves can travel long distance as well as short distance depending upon its frequency, the radio waves can travel anywhere it is not bounded and these signals are coming from satellites, as satellite play a very important role in long distance communication. Radio signals works on its frequency and each frequency has its own range and band and it works in a different way.

The Radio frequency are divided into two range

  1. Very Low Frequency (VLF)
  2. Extremely High Frequency (EHF)

Very Low Frequency (VLF)

The VLF used in a long range for the communication and navigation with the low frequency band of 3-30 KHZ. it works on a electro magnetic generator. The VLF cannot used for the data transmission because of its low bandwidth.

Extremely High Frequency (EHF)

The EHF in electromagnetic waves or radio waves travel  at the same speed of light which is equal to  3 x 10 power 8  meter per second .In any medium the speed of transmission become low and frequency dependable. As you know two transmission cannot share the same frequency band because of the conflict. ThereforeOmni directional or directional antennas are used to transmit the radio wave depending upon band as they are easy to generate with the same velocity in the vacuum they can travel for a long distance as they are omni directional and frequency dependable at a very high frequency they travel in straight line without any distraction and cross all the huddles.

Microwave Transmission

It is a another form of radio transmission, which work on an ultra-high frequency and use RADAR (Radio detecting and ranging). there are many frequency which work on microwave system generally all the energy in the form of Giga Hertz (GHz) range. In microwave transmission the radio beams are faster and the transmission distance is at sufficient level to maximize the high frequency signals. To collect the maximum amount of income signals point-to-point transmission help to transmit antenna is at the center of concave.The receiving antenna is at center with a concave metal dish help to collect maximum amount of signals.In point-to-point transmission system each antenna lies in straight line to the next antenna ,its frequency is higher than microwave band and its limit is 50 miles(80km).