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What is Bese64 Endocing tool

This tool is used to convet the image into the code format which include its location (path).It support the jpeg, jpg, png, gif, svg,bmp image format ,which quickly reduce the time limit to uplaod an image and ristrict the HTTP request.Base64 encode string is also used as a src parameter value by using its data or you can use it as a css background image.

What is Base64?

It is Binary-to-text encoding system which is used to convert data into text format so that it can be easily transmitted via any medium like email, post etc. You can also encode text into Base64.

Base64 converts data into a URL friendly string consist of the "standard" alphabet uses A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and /,+ with = as a padding character.

Base64 image encoding

Images are in the format of jpg , gif , png , jpeg or any other format of image can be convert in base64 Format. Image is the binary data so that images can easily converted in base64 format.