When you are working with large loop, Image Processing or PDF creation in PHP. That need lots of memory at runtime and you can get the error. Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 282624 bytes) This error occur because your Default php.ini memory_limit is 128 ...
Sheetal Kumar
Aug 21, 2019
In WordPress, Domain name change is a big issue you need to fix. Here we are providing a simple solution to fix the issue. Step 1 Open wp-config.php file in your website root. Step 2. Add the folloing line after <?php tag. define( 'WP_HOME', 'http://example.com' ); define( 'WP_SITEURL', ...
Sheetal Kumar
Feb 01, 2019
Create records and send data in database table To insert a data into a database we use the Insert query  add_student.php <?php if (isset($_POST['submit'])){ $name = $_POST['name']; $address = $_POST['address']; $class = $_POST['class']; $connection = mysqli_connect('localhost', ...
Anamika Gupta
Sep 04, 2018
Introduction of Database  A database is  a collection of program and tools that facilitate users to create and maintain the database. It provides the enterprise  with centralized control of its operational data- which is one of its most relevant assets. We will be using MYSQL it ...
Anamika Gupta
Aug 30, 2018
To collect and use form data in PHP  Checking the data for form submission in PHP To check the form data in PHP 1. We use the isset()  function to check  that the variable is established or not .The isset() function return  false if variable testing  variable ...
Anamika Gupta
Aug 28, 2018
Session is a way to store a stack of data from a particular user against an exclusive sessions ID. Session IDs are commonly transmitted to the browser via session cookies and the ID is used to fetch  existing actual data. The existence of an ID or session cookie approve PHP perceive ...
Anamika Gupta
Aug 16, 2018
In PHP loops are used to create the identical  chunk of code in a particular number of times, rather to add a certain code-lines in a script.  In PHP we have the four looping statement while do....while for foreach while loop while loop creates the block of code  again ...
Anamika Gupta
Aug 15, 2018
Every programming language includes some syntax and structure to control the flow and execution of a program.PHP includes some control structure such as loop (for, while) and conditions (If, else). PHP Condition Statement The if Statement The if is the most important feature in ...
Anamika Gupta
Aug 14, 2018
Math Functions is used to hold the integer and float value within a certain range. 1. abs :- It is used to give the result in a positive number of distinct numbers. <?php echo(abs(90.7) . "<br>"); echo(abs(-78.744) . "<br>"); echo(abs(-300) . "<br>"); echo(abs(3)); ?> Output 90.7 78.744 300 3 2. ...
Anamika Gupta
Aug 03, 2018
1. array_change_key_case :-  It changes all the keys of  an array in uppercase. <?php $employee_id=array("Jim"=>"40535","Krish"=>"83007","Joe"=>"41233"); print_r(array_change_key_case($employee_id,CASE_UPPER)); ?> Output Array ( [JIM] => 40535 [KRISH] ...
Anamika Gupta
Jul 23, 2018
String is used to handle a function it is a sequence of characters .There are some of the string with example. 1. addcslashes :- It return the String with backslashes before the character. <?php echo addcslashes('Hello[ ]', 'A..z'); ?> Output \H\e\l\l\o\[ \] 2. addslashes ...
Anamika Gupta
Jul 14, 2018
Function play an important role in programming language as it organise our code in a proper manner. We can use our code over and over by naming it only. The function works very similar to variable, but they are more powerful than that. Function Syntax <?php function functionName() { // ...
Anamika Gupta
Jul 10, 2018
To work in PHP firstly understands the concept of (OOP) Object-Oriented Programming (PHP OOP),  is a type of programming language added to php5, that helps in building complex, reusable web applications.  OOP is easy, simple and fast and easily debug, Once you figure out the basic ...
Anamika Gupta
Jan 31, 2018
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