Proxy server and their use with advantage and disadvantage

Proxy means substitue. A proxy is the agency, function, which acts as  a substitue for another. It acts as the intermediary between your computer and the internet. The Proxy server present in the machine in the form of firewall server, and it's present on independent server, which is used to monitor the request directly to the firewall . Now a days  most of the proxies are web proxies. It helps to maintain the connections on the world wide web (WWW), specify invisibility and used to bypass IP address blocking.

A proxy server are used in authorized and unauthorized  purpose,such as Monitor Traffic, Undermine user privacy etc.

Advantage of Proxy Server

1.Helps to hide your IP Address

2.Access location for blocked content

3.Helpful for troubleshooting

4.It helps the user by the cache server

5.It  improves the time of response to the user.

Disadvantage of Proxy Server

1. Data is not secure because of the active cache system .So it is recommended to go for a dedicated or paid one.

2. Data can be leaked by TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer ) encrypted connections.

3. We can access the blocked and offensive website  with the help of proxy server so, it is not good for the user to be accessed.

How Proxy Server work

When a proxy server sustains an inquiry from the  Internet source (such as a Web page), it examines in its local cache of earlier pages. If it finds the page, it rebound it to the user without required to forward the request to the Internet. If the page is not in the cache, the proxy server, behave as a client in place of the user,.The user own IP address is requested from the server from the internet . When the page is rebounding, the proxy server connects it to the original request and forward it on to the user.

Types of Proxy Servers

There are many different types of proxy servers which has a different purpose.

1.SSL proxy :- SSL is usually used on the Internet .It stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a protocol which is used to preserve your data during transmission. An SSL proxy server is linked between the client and the server to support Secure Socket Layer support

SSL  mostly  intermediate  the connection between the sender and the receiver which prohibit hackers from attacking the network and block personal or financial data and information which is being transmitted over the Internet.

2. FTP Proxy :-  An FTP proxy server in exceptional condition  will offer and build up security for uploading files to another server. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is used in many different applications where you are uploading files  and data to a server.The server suggests a cache action and encryption methods which make the transmission process safe  and secure from hackers. 

3.HTTP Proxy :- HTTP proxy is adequate of refined content from web pages and reformatting pages to request the device that  you are using to access the page. It is  used for web browsing. This type of proxy is unsecured. It provides for the reserve of web pages and files which allows you to access them quickly.

4. SOCKS Proxy :-  SOCKS  stands for Sockets . It is  different than a normal proxy because it is considered to be an application. when you contact a SOCKS proxy server the connection is fixed through the transfer of messages which establishes the proxy connection.

5. Anonymous Proxy :- An anonymous proxy is also adequate of exclude cookies which track your activity,.There are a number of anonymous proxy sites online which allow you to preserve your identity while you surf the web.The quality anonymous proxy servers should also support FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols.  They also are efficient in avoiding your Internet provider to build your IP address remains  unidentified.