Basic concept of Router with its function and methods

As we know that the WAN is used to cover a large geographical area as it work like his name  Wide area networking we can link multiple computer together and make a WAN  and it is used to make switches packets and with the help of Router it is easy to manage a long distance and many computers.The Router is a networking device which is used to manage network interface work as to manage data switching function. A router work is simple as it include input and output ports, network layer processors and switch.The  Physical layer and the Data link layer works as a input and output ports and input ports secure the signal getting from router and transform that signal into bits.There is a protocol between the data link layer and network layer which helps to bind the packets in the form and this protocol helps to network layer processor and switches the packets in the convenient form through route through the switch. As the data link layer works as output port and cover the packet in the form and transfer into the physical layer and the physical layer convert the data into a bit pattern to addition form of signal and that helps to communicate another signal with the help of a router.

Functions of Router

The router has to function Forwarding Function and Filtering Function .

  1. Forwarding Function:- This function allows you choose the router to reserve the IP header information and send their packets over to the router .In forwarding function the most important is to resolve the route, process and forward the IP address to the next router.  Forwarding function deals with packet to send on the same network  by executing its functions and work as a intergral  part of routing.The Routing has been done on a same network, which is also called a Local Routing .When the address is a host on the same IP address then it become easy to routing in the same subnet and if it is not on the same host then it become little difficult as it follow another that is the packet first sent to the boundary router .This boundary router indicates that the routing table at the next hop(IP address of next router). The routing table is fully depends upon the routing method as it is fully composed of a table. The routing table involves with router and their destination address and the IP address. 
  2. Filtering Function:-Filtering Function is used as a  dumping (disposition)for a specific network. It is used to filter the packet and pass through a router.This function is different from forwarding function as it work to filter if two networks connect through a router than it communicate using UDP packets and filter as it pass the signals to one another by filtering process.

Routing Method

Routing play a important role in forwarding function and it is divided into two method that is:

  • Static Routing:-The static routing provide an information on a fixed route  to another router .In static routing the the information is physically (not automatic) and if there is a same route then it is standard.
  • Dynamic Routing:-When there is a change in the network configuration, then the router an irresistibly change its routing information. It does not involve any  physical interruption to change the network configuration and this feature make dynamic routing user friendly. The major draw back of dynamic routing is that it becomes it  takes the heavy load to send configuration and change the information.

Load Distribution Method in Routing

Load distribution method is a part of Distribution Routing .If there are many routes to reach at the same target at the same cost, then it becomes very reliable because load is distributed .In this case traffic per route is decreased and through which delay is as decrease, so it's become easier to perform multi-path routing in which two or more routes are accessible at the same cost. Multi-path routing concludes distance-vector type as well as link-state type. When there are more routes to reach at the same destination and in the reasonable cost than one of these methods can be used...

  1. Round robin method :-The round robin method deliberately select  each of the routes.In this the packet length are different from each other and because of the difference there is a traffic between the routes.
  2. Random selection method:-To solve the problem of traffic and random numbers and so on.  Random selection are used because it chooses the route randomly.
  3. Mixed method:-By combining the above two methods, the mixed method is used to check the router in real time that routers are free or not.It is very superior and effective to check the amount of processing and to examine the routers, it chooses the route that is comparatively less busy.