The String class maintain many efficiency for processing String. However , once a String object is build,its contents will remain same.String object are constant string and StringBuffer object are modified strings. Java can perform certain development involving String because it knows that these object ...
Anamika Gupta
Oct 03, 2018
Class String provides Substrings methods to allow a new String object to be build by copying part of an current String object . Each method returns a new String object. letters.substring (20) With the use of Substring method that takes one integer argument. This point specifies the starting ...
Anamika Gupta
Sep 28, 2018
Java provides a variety of methods for comparing String objects. It signifies one String to be greater than" or  less than" another String, consider the method of alphabetizing a series of last names Example :- We place the word "John" before "Smith" because ...
Anamika Gupta
Sep 27, 2018
Polymorphism means the object which as many forms.It is one of the feature of  OOPs . With Polymorphism it is possible to  design and implement system that are more easily extensible. For  example:- Suppose the rectangle has four side like quadrilateral ,squares,Parallelogram, and Trapezoid ...
Anamika Gupta
Sep 26, 2018
Inheritance work on tree like hierarchical structure. Inheritance is a form of reusability in which new classes are created from current classes by absorbing their attributes and behaviour and arrange these with capacity the new classes require.Inheritance are powerful techniques for dealing with software ...
Anamika Gupta
Sep 25, 2018
Java store list of values in arrays. An array  is a group of contiguous (near) memory locations that all have the same name and the same type.  To refer to a specific locations or element within the array, we specify the name of the array and position number of the appropriate elements in ...
Anamika Gupta
Sep 21, 2018
The list of keywords in Java and their use are:- abstract boolean break byte case catch  char class continue default do double else extends false final finally float for if implements import instanceof int interface long native new null package private protected public return short static super switch synchronized this throw throws transient true try void volatile while       abstract ...
Anamika Gupta
Sep 16, 2018
Java has achieve such a large fan base and extraordinary popularity  because the language expand on a large basis and it is  easy and efficient approach to perform various programming tasks and aid the developers.By using these technique we can avoid error in Java program   1. Every ...
Anamika Gupta
Sep 15, 2018
Loop in Java is known as a repetition, it  allows the programmer to point out that an action is to be repeated while some condition remain true. It is implemented in one of three ways:- 1. While loop  2. do/while loop 3. for loop while loop   The while loop ...
Anamika Gupta
Sep 14, 2018
Just like every program Java has also a control structure, it is a section of a program that is used to resolve a problem based on a given parameter. There are three types of control structure :- Sequence:-  Sequence is trivial. Normally in the program the statement  are performed one ...
Anamika Gupta
Sep 11, 2018
Java has caused its name as Java because it was one of the first choice along with silk .The team combined to select a new name and they recommended the word "dynamic", revolutionary, silk, jolt, DNA, etc...and the team want that the word should reflect with the technology, which was revolutionary ...
Anamika Gupta
Apr 26, 2018
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