Backbone Networks and its type

Backbone network contains a Distributed (Bus backbone) and collapsed backbone (Star backbone). These backbones are dividing their roots in such a way that a building or campus, arrange a connection point for LAN's or subnetworks. The star backbone continues as wiring hubs and switches. Thus the hybrid configuration of backbone network that combine together that distributed a few hubs or switches with a distributed backbone.In the distributed backbone the structure of structure subnetwork like token ring, Ethernet, ATM network increase for the end user within a building or department of an organization. Thus, there are different organization which is connected through the router to the backbone network, whereas collapsed backbone apply via cable that run from the each department or floor of the building network through a central hub or switches which is basically present a building wiring closet or computer management thus the backbone like hub, switches are created with a star-wired topology. Similar a backbone is used to make a link to connect to a multiple network for link into the campus environment or connect network over large area networks. The connecting device plays an important role in implement of backbone network there are not any terminals which are connected to a backbone network, whereas it itself considered a LAN or subnetwork  which are connected to a backbone to develop another subnetwork or LAN.

There are two backbone network :

  1. Bus backbone (Distributed  Backbone)
  2. Star backbone (Collapsed Backbone)

Bus Backbone (Distributed Backbone):-The Bus backbone work just like its name, it handles bus topology as well as all its protocols that are adaptable with bus topology  like 10Base2 or 10Base5. To connect the different subnetwork at the different floors. All the LAN is connected together to the different floor of the building. They also form backbone which is star topology, thus the multiple LAN  are connected through a bus Backbone to exchange the data and share the resources .Thus the backbone is connected through each other and the backbone which are made for each user are used to flow the information.

In this figure the bridge block the information which is flowing from the terminal of the LAN on the backbone. However if the terminal one is sharing the information from the other LAN on the backbone bridge are connected to the LAN which formed a frame that contain the information to the backbone so that the frame way and deliver to the bridge with the help of backbone. In this way the frame is sent to the destination LAN  and the terminal. Each of the bridges of the backbone that maintain a  table of the LAN's to help the flow of the information.

Star Backbone (Collapsed Backbone):-Star backbone uses wiring hubs, switchesto generate a backbone to connect different  LAN's or subnetwork. The one switch is used to interconnect the different LAN's. So it also referred as a switched backbone.

In this figure the particular LAN of each floor are interconnected  with the star backbone. In the star backbone switch perform as a backbone. It is installed at one unify location in the building that location may be our a computer centre ar data centre. Separate table runs from the switch to each floor of the LAN's. Each of the LAN is implemented in star topology hubs can be equipped in a closet at each floor or hubs or switches can be installed  in the same place where the backbone switch is equipped.