Android versions and its features

The Android  is Linux based operating system. It  was developed by  Open Handset Alliance (OHA). It  was  first developed by Android ,Inc a software company which is located in Silicon valley. It wasbought by google in 2005. The Android operating system is also known for the mobile operating system. It is used for touchscreen mobile  phone, cell phone with the help of the Android operating system we can do multiple tasks in our phone such as Pinching, Swiping and Tapping. Now a days Android software is taking  place in many devices such as televisions, cars, wristwatches etc. and each of these devices use a different interface. Many of the software developers uses android to develop a multiple mobile app and which are easily available on play store. These apps manage our day to day life on the other hand it is easily available at a very low cost at that reason android is very popular. The hardware that supports the Android software is based on the ARM  architecture platform. Now-a-days many versions of the Android are coming on the market each version are different and unique from one other.

The version of android are:-


NameVersions  DateFeatures
 1.023 September, 2008Include Google apps like gmail, maps, calendar, YouTube
 1.19 Febuary, 2009
Cupcake1.527 April, 2009Include App widgets, video recording
Donut1.615 September, 2009Ability to operate OS, different screen size and resolution include CDMA network.
Eclair2.0 - 2.126 October, 2009Voice-guided system, Real-time traffic info,   Live Wallpaper, Navigation, Speech-to-text function,  including the Zoom facility.
Froyo2.2 - 2.2.320 May, 2010Front Facing fetaure, Voice Actions, Getting Direction,  Making notes by tapping an icon, then speak the command,  Light Flash
Gingerbread2.2 - 2.3.76 December, 2010Black and Green seeped all over the UI
Honeycomb3.0 - 3.2.622 Febuary, 2011Introduce the concept of card-like UI, Recent Apps list, Screen-buttons for Android, Navigational commands, Permament overflow menu button.
Ice Cream Sandwich4.0 - 4.0.418 october, 2011Card-Like appearance for app-switching, Swiping, Notification, Recent apps
Jelly Bean4.1 - 4.3.19 July, 2012Voice Search system, a more advance system for display, search result, card-based result, locksreen facility.
Kitkat4.4 - 4.4.431 October, 2013Support OK Google, transparent status bar and white icon give the OS more contemporary appearance.
Lollipop5.0 - 5.1.112 November, 2014Card-based concept makes the Android core UI pattern, Hand free voice control via OK Google
Mashmallow6.0 - 6.0.15 October, 2015Now on Tap feature Granular App permission, Support fingerprint readers support  USB-C
Nogut[15]7.0 - 7.1.222 August, 2016Data Saver feature, ALT-Tab-Like shortcut features for snapping between apps, Google Assistance Launched
Oreo[16]8.0 - 8.121 August, 2017Picture-in-picture mode, notification snoozing, google's goal of aligning Android and Chrome OS Android apps and Chrome books
Android[17]98 May, 2018Including screenshot management, screen brightness control,digital well-being controls 


Features of Android:-

Interactive UI:- Android provides an interactive user interface which interacts with the user. Android  provides a variety of UI components ,UI control and structure layout that allow to build a beautiful graphical UI for your App. It also provides a UI modules such as  Menu, notification etc.

Better Connectivity:- We can connect our android device through any other device by using the Bluetooth ,wifi, LIE, GSM / EDGE, CDMA etc... It gives you better connectivity and work fast.

Storage Facility:-Android provides a storage facility to store a data it can save our data for a long time. In can save our data for a long time. In the Android the SQLITE is used for data storage purpose and other lightweight relational database are also used for storing facility.

Support Various Media:-Android support of various media to store aur data. The media supports facility make android a exception  device.  Android  support any type of media such as AMR, AMR-WB, HE-AEC, H.263, H.264, MPEG-4, MIDI, Vorbis, WAV, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP etc.

Messaging:-The Messaging facility in Android is safe. We can send messages and MMS in any mobile. In fact Msg is one of the most killer application in the history of mobile phone.

Web browser:-Android support HTML5 and CSS3. It is an open source webkit layout engine. It supports the javascript and chrome's V8. Many of the third-party  web browser are also available on play store which can give a fast browsing and consume less data.

Resizable Widgets:-  In Android widgets are resizable we can zoom we can also expand to show more content. It can support many different sizes. It is very flexible. Each mobile has different widget size.

Multi-touch and multitasking:-Android support the facility of multi-touch which is available in various handsets  such as HTC Hero and with the multitasking facility in mobile user can use many tasks at the same time he can also use the multitasking facility one by one they can jump one task to the other task at the same time without any problem.

Supporting Multiple language & Wi-fi direction:-  Android support many languages in single direction & bi-directional text we can use any language which was provided in setting and it is easy to use. It also supports the wifi technology by using high bandwidth peer-to-peer connection. It can easily locate the direction.